Queens Museum Children's Book Celebration
Poster for the Queens Museum. Watercolor and ink.
Big Apple Tour Guide
watercolor and ink 9" x 12"
The Dumpling Shop
Ink and watercolor 10 in. x 14 in.
Street of Cats
A watercolor and ink drawing of a street in an area of Chinatown called Two Bridges.
A letter
watercolor and ink 9" x 9"
How Letters get Delivered
watercolor ink wash and photoshop
String of One-Eared Cats
Watercolor and ink 9" x 12"
Swimming at the Y
watercolor and ink 9" x 12"
Swim Lessons
Ink and Watercolor
The tiger is a member of the cat species
6" x 8". Ink wash and brush. Featured in the SCBWI Nov/Dec 2014 Bulletin's Art Spot
Karate Class character sketches
ink and watercolor
Fishing in the East River
Watercolor, ink and gouache. 9 inches by 12 inches.
Ink and watercolor
That's all folks!
ink and watercolor
Teachers shine a light on our world
Ink and Watercolor and Photoshop 9in x 10 in